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Experienced, Knowledgeable and Local

Our team of expert solicitors are here to support you in all aspects of Criminal Law.

Police Station Attendance and Magistrates Court Representation

One of our team is on call to the police station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter how minor or serious the allegation against you we are always there to help.

Representation at the police station is usually free of charge irrespective of your means.

We represent clients for all types of offences in the Magistrates Court. We have a very strong local reputation but we also travel far and wide should the need require.

Motoring Prosecutions

We provide representation for all types of motoring offences.  Many people’s driving licence is their livelihood or key to their day to day living.  Representation by an experienced Solicitor with extensive local knowledge and a reputation to match may make all the difference.

For full details of the fee options and service provided please click HERE.

Crown Court Proceedings

We pride ourselves in conducting most of our Crown Court work in house with Mike Hagerty carrying out the vast majority of the advocacy. This means that we provide continuity for your case, often from the police station to the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court all being dealt with by a member of our team. This means that your representation is by somebody that knows your case and knows you.


Legal Aid 
As a practice we are committed to Legal Aid work despite constant attacks on it by the Government.  We are one of only a handful of Solicitors firms in the West Lancashire area who are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to carry out Legal Aid work and we are by far the largest with offices in Skelmersdale and Ormskirk.   We do not, in any way, regard Legal Aid as a poor relation but rather as a means of your right to representation and we are proud to carry out work on a legally aided basis.  

Private Funding
If your means are too great, or the Court does not think that your case warrants Legal Aid, (both of which we can appeal if we disagree with that decision) then we also offer representation on a privately paying basis.  Depending on the type of case this can be at a fixed fee and we always try to recover some or all of your costs if we win and despite the Governments best efforts to prevent this.  With increasing Government attacks on Legal Aid more and more people are coming into this class of funding.  We appreciate that people of relatively moderate means will no longer be entitled to legal aid.  You will be surprised at our affordability.  Why not ask for a quote.

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