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Selling your Property

Anyone wishing to sell their property can place it on the open market for sale.

If you wish to visit our Estate Agency website for further information on marketing your property please click here.  
Once your property has been sold the Seller’s Solicitor will obtain your deeds and prepare the Contract documentation to send to the Buyer’s Solicitor for approval.    As Seller, you will need to complete a Seller’s Property Information Form and Fixtures & Fittings Form giving general details about the property and confirming what items are to be included/excluded from the sale price.

The Buyer’s Solicitor will check the Contract pack and raise any enquiries they consider necessary. They will also put in hand Searches and check any Mortgage Offer on behalf of the Buyer. Once the Buyer confirms they are ready to proceed, and all the documentation has been signed, a completion date will be agreed between all parties in the chain and an exchange of Contracts will take place. Exchange is the point that the Contract becomes binding, and neither party can back out of the transaction without incurring financial penalty.

On the date of completion, which is the date the property is legally transferred into the Buyer’s name, you will be expected to have cleared the property of all your belongings and give vacant possession by around midday. On the day of completion we will, out of the net proceeds of sale, discharge any existing Mortgages and pay any Estate Agents fees. We will also authorise key release to the Buyer once completion has taken place.

If there is a negative equity situation our Conveyancing Team will need to collect any shortfall from you, by way of cleared funds, prior to an exchange of Contracts taking place.


On a sale transaction we will aim to issue contract documentation to the Buyers  Solicitors within 5 days from receipt of client’s signed terms of business letter, identification, completed protocol forms and title deeds (if the property is unregistered).

The next stage of the transaction after submission of contract documentation, will be for the  Buyers Solicitors to raise enquiries and  provide a draft transfer for approval. Upon receipt of the same we shall aim to report to you within 5 days.  If there are enquiries which we cannot provide replies to, these will be forwarded to you  (either via email or post) and we would request all replies to be put in writing (email replies acceptable) so as a record of your representations can be retained for future reference.

Once the Buyers Solicitors are satisfied with the replies given, and subject to them being in receipt of their clients signed documentation and search results, completion dates can then be negotiated. We would estimate the sale to complete within 4-6 weeks from the Buyers Solicitors receipt of contract documentation (the estimated time scale is likely to be longer by about 4-6 weeks if the property is a leasehold flat).