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Serious personal injury claims

We specialise in Serious Personal Injury Claims with a value of more than £25,000. These are known as Multi Track claims because claims with a value of more than £25,000 are allocated by the Court to the Multi Track.

These claims often involve substantial claims for loss of income and long term care and assistance, together with rehabilitation.

We will include in the claim all financial losses and expenses that have been incurred and will be incurred in the future, including loss of income, the cost of specialised equipment, support and medical care needed after serious injury. Very often after serious injury, psychological conditions can develop in which case we will include a claim for compensation for the psychological injury that you have suffered.

We fully understand that these types of injuries can have life changing impacts effecting the ability to work or perform simple everyday tasks.

We have in place Specialist Barristers and Experts to support your claim.

Our Personal Injury Partner will provide a dedicated service in order for you to receive the maximum compensation to help you and your family.

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